Pinhole Photography

pinhole camera in shore

Ondu 6x6

The ONDU 6×6 Pocket is one of the most sought after models, it’s a tiny camera given the fact that it uses 120 format film to expose an image. Just a fraction bigger than the 135 Pocket its still small and light enough to fit anywhere and weighs a mere 280g. Because of the larger film frame the images produced with this camera are of a slightly better quality than 135 cameras. On a regular 120 film you can make up to 12 exposures 56x56mm in size. The angle of view is quite wide and at 115° getting close to a subject as well as fitting everything in your frame has never been so easy.  My Ondu images

Vermeer+6x17 camera


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zero45 camera

Zero 45


Zero 4 x 5 Multi-Format System is the world’s first commercial wooden pinhole camera that not only combines pinhole and zone plate technology in one unit but also a multi-focal length camera by using a design of extension frame since year 2001. My Zero 45 images

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